Investor relations


The board of directors of DOF ASA has pursuant to section 5-7(2) of the Norwegian Public Limited Companies Act received a request for an extraordinary general meeting ("EGM") to be held to consider a proposal to elect a new board of directors in the company. The request has been submitted on behalf of Bjarte Brønmo and Sans Invest AS holding more than 5% of the share capital. It has been informed that Leif Salomonsen will be proposed as new chair of the board and that the other candidates will be presented prior to the general meeting. The board of directors will convene an EGM to be held no later than 14 December 2022. We also attach a new letter received from the financial creditors of the DOF Group, in which it (i) once again is reiterated by the financial creditors that there is no room for further negotiations, (ii) is confirmed that the financial creditors stand by their statement that they, if necessary, will contribute to implementation of the restructuring through a forced reconstruction and/or bankruptcy in DOF ASA and (ii) is expressed that the financial creditors thereby, and in order to preserve the interests of the DOF Group's employees, suppliers and customers, are prepared to contribute to the preservation of the DOF Group's value as a going concern irrespective of the contribution of the shareholders. Further to this, the financial creditors have made it clear that there are no other available alternatives than the negotiated restructuring solution unless the overdue debt of approximately NOK 23 billion is settled. In the same letter it is further emphasized that any action that would be contrary to the interest of the DOF group and the stakeholders of DOF ASA (multitude of the shareholders, creditors etc.) will expose the board of directors in DOF ASA at any given time to personal liability. For further information, please contact: CEO Mons Aase, tel. +47 91 66 10 12 CFO Hilde Drønen, tel. +47 91 66 10 09 With a multi-national workforce of about 3,900 personnel, DOF ASA is an international group of companies which owns and operates a fleet of modern offshore/subsea vessels, and engineering capacity to service both the offshore and subsea market. With 40 years in the offshore business, the group has a strong position in terms of experience, innovation, product range, technology and capacity. DOF's core businesses are vessel ownership, vessel management, project management, engineering, vessel operations, survey, remote intervention and diving operations primarily for the oil and gas sector. From PSV charter to Subsea engineering, DOF offers a full spectrum of top quality offshore services to facilitate an ever-growing and demanding industry. The company's main operation centers and business units are located in Norway, the UK, the USA, Singapore, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Angola, and Australia. DOF ASA is listed on the Oslo Exchange since 1997.