Ethics helpline

Ethics helpline

If you see something that isn’t right, raise your voice. Here’s how:

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Reporting your concerns

If you see any unacceptable conduct or any suspected or potential breaches of law or company policies, you should report it immediately.

In addition to the Code of Business Conduct, a quick guide has been prepared regarding reporting concerns.

View the "Speak Up for Ethics" quick guide (PDF)

DOF encourages you to report your concerns to your supervisor or senior member of your business unit. If you are not comfortable raising your concerns directly, you can use the third-party hosted Ethics Helpline.

The helpline is hosted and staffed by an independent third-party provider. It is available via a link on the DOF BMS/DocMap, the DOF MyPortal and our websites - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in multiple languages. Anonymous reporting is available where local law allows, helpline staff will always alert you if there is a conflict with local laws or special reporting rules apply.

Once you are on the Ethics Helpline page you can chose to:

Where you will be directed to fill out a form. The form will ask certain questions. You will be asked if you want to report open or become anonymous. You will be given a case number so that you can follow progress.

In practice, very similar to reporting online however, you will be supported by ethics hotline staff to fill out the form.

This is the tool used by the investigation team to communicate with the reporter as well as report back.

Accessing the helpline

NOTE! Before clicking on the link below, we encourage to you read the above section, "Reporting your concerns".

Go to DOF Group Ethics Helpline *

* The Ethics Helpline, as of November 1, 2018, replaces the Group's previous whistleblowing procedure.