Financial Report 4th quarter for DOF Group ASA

The Group's revenue for 4th quarter (management reporting) totals NOK 3,449 million (NOK 3,204 million) and EBITDA totals NOK 1,241 million (NOK 1,125 million). The operating profit (EBIT) of NOK 2,215 million (NOK 1,548 million) is highly impacted by reversal of impairment of NOK 1,479 million (NOK 687 million). Net financial cost amounts of NOK 139 million (NOK 223 million) include unrealised currency gain of NOK 372 million (NOK 1,047 million). The result after taxes is NOK 2,768 million (NOK 1,806 million). The Group’s net interest-bearing debt is NOK 13,883 million (NOK 19,915 million) and the book equity is NOK 10,522 million (NOK 364 million).

Key highlights:
- Another strong quarter, where the Group achieved an EBITDA of NOK 1,241 million (NOK 1,125 million) and a cash flow from operating activities of NOK 1,111 million (NOK 1,553 million).
- The annual EBITDA was NOK 4,949 million (NOK 3,764 million) and the cash flow from operating activities was NOK 4,090 million (NOK 3,777 million).
- By 31.12.2023 the equity ratio is 34% (1%) and NIBD/EBITDA 2.8 (5.4).  
- The average utilisation of the owned fleet was 91% (88%) in the quarter.
- The markets in the Group’s regions are good and the activity in Asia-Pacific has particularly increased during the 4th quarter.
- The Group has chartered in the subsea vessel Maersk Installer on a 2-year firm charter to serve the increased demand in the subsea project segment.  
- Three PSVs, have been sold in the quarter.
- The total current fleet includes 57 vessels (incl. 12 vessels on management or hired in):
-- 16 AHTSs, 11 PSVs and 30 Subsea vessels.  
- In January, the DOF Group has been ranked among the best companies with the 2nd highest score in the Petrobras PEOTRAM 2023 audit and retained its A- score on the CDP Climate Change 2023.
- The order intake in 4th quarter is USD 147 million.
- Firm backlog by end December of USD 1,946 million.

The Group will report in USD from the 1st quarter 2024 and onwards.

Statement from the CEO, Mons Aase: “We deliver another solid quarter and are experiencing continued strong markets within all fleet segments, and I am especially pleased to see an increasing activity in the Asia-Pacific region. The Group has again achieved a high score in the Petrobras Peotram audit which is a confirmation of the high quality of our operations in Brazil. We expect the backlog to continue to grow due to several ongoing tenders. We see increased activity within the AHTS segment and expect more firm contracts going forward. The current backlog for the Group is 84% for 2024 which gives good visibility of the earnings in 2024. The EBITDA guiding for 2024 is in the range of USD 470-520 million”.  

Please see enclosed 4th quarter Financial Report 2023.
>>> DOF Group ASA Financial Report Q4 2023 (PDF, 4 mbs)

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