Successful offshore ROV mission piloted from onshore

In an innovative move, DOF has recently announced the successful execution of its first-ever official ROV offshore mission piloted from onshore. The success of remote ROV operations is a significant milestone for DOF, and Dag-Raymond Rasch, DOF's  EVP Atlantic, says:

“I’m enthusiastic about the successful implementation of ROV remote operations and the positive impact this will have on our company’s future. Going forward, we will mature the technology further and commercialise it to offer bespoke remote solutions to our clients”.

The rapid evolution of technology has played a pivotal role in the success of remote operations. Video conferencing, collaborative tools, and cloud-based solutions have become indispensable assets for businesses.

All this in conjunction with DOF’s in house operational competence, ROV integration competence and asset management have made a strong platform for developing DOF’s onshore control center in Bergen.

Remote operations are here to stay, and the future of work is set to become more remote, bringing about positive changes in how DOF plans and executes projects. Remote work will also enable DOF to access work sites and undertake a wider range of projects.

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