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Integrated subsea services

Engineering services

Field life-cycle support: Integrated and direct support subsea engineering projects.

Engineering services

Field life-cycle support: We provide integrated and direct support subsea engineering projects.

Our engineers are involved in all stages of subsea construction projects from tendering, design, procurement, fabrication, construction, factory acceptance tests (FAT) and site integration tests (SIT) to offshore installation, commissioning, completion, operation and decommissioning. We tailor bespoke solutions to complex subsea installation operations including design of operational tooling employed in manned and remotely-operated subsea equipment.

Our drafting group use both 2D and 3D software to support and complement engineering tasks.

Local teams are backed up by global engineering resources and standardised procedures and practices to enable 24-hour support.

DOF Subsea acquired 50 per cent of SEMAR (www.semar.no) in 2007 and established a close collaboration across numerous projects.

SEMAR has 35 years’ experience in the planning, engineering and execution of marine operations. They specialise in structural analysis including advanced dynamic analysis, design and drafting, marine operations engineering and advisory services together with marine analysis. Through a comprehensive software library and operational experience, SEMAR carries out all kinds of marine analysis in a fast and reliable manner and put the results to operational use.

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