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Latest event: DOF Group ASA, Annual General Meeting 2024

With reference to the press release from 02.05.2024: Notice of annual general meeting DOF Group ASA (URL)

Shareholder access link to the general meeting from Thursday 23rd of May 2024 at 12:00 CEST:
>>> Meeting access point hosted by Lumi

Supplemental materials:
>>> DOF Group ASA Notice of Annual General Meeting 2024 (PDF)
>>> DOF Integrated Annual Report 2023 (PDF)
>>> DOF Group ASA Remuneration Report 2023 (PDF)
>>> DOF AGM 2024 Nomination Committee Recommendations (PDF)
>>> DOF AGM 2024 Online Guide English (PDF)
>>> DOF AGM 2024 Online Guide Norsk (PDF)

Supporting link:
Link for registration, advance votes and powers of attorney:
>>> VPS Investor Portal