DOF is committed to providing a safe working environment for all our employees.

E-Learning the DOF way with "DOF Training"

DOF utilises the e-learning system "DOF Training" as a part of training employees and subcontractors. Our module database is currently available in multiple languages, including English and Portuguese.

Read more about our key modules further down this page.

The training is developed as an E-Learning system that is accessible in two ways: 1) On the internal DOF network (MyPortal), and; 2) On an external website hosted by the software vendor.

The web-based, external system can be accessed HERE. Once on the website, please sign up as “New User” and complete the registration form. When this has been done, you can log in and complete the available modules. We recommend that users of the external system also save PDFs of their course certifications for verifications purposes, however the system will retain your training record.

Part of the DOF E-Learning system, the Permit to Work E-Learning module is mandatory for all personnel executing any work at and on all DOF vessels.

Key E-Learning modules

Permit to work (PTW) Module - A Permit to Work system is a formal recorded process used to control work which is identified as potentially hazardous. It is a tool used to clearly identify who may authorize jobs and who is responsible for specifying the necessary precautions to avoid undesired incidents. This training is a structured way of ensuring that all personnel onboard have the necessary training and competence to operate the Permit to Work system onboard our vessels.

Business Ethics and Integrity module - This module covers the building blocks of the DOF way of working with emphasis on our Vision, Values and Policies. It also addresses the practical approach to everyday challenges and serves as a complement to our Code of Business Conduct document. It is mandatory for all DOF employees to complete the module on an annual basis.

A brief video as an introduction to DOF's safety culture - Our "General Vessel Induction" is a brief video to start your induction when coming onboard a DOF vessel. You can watch the ca 8 minute video HERE on youtube.

E-Learning "DOF Training"

Our E-Learning Center - Here you can access and experience our E-Learning modules, both in English and Portuguese. This is an external link and you will need to register a user in this system. Note that we recommend you save (PDF) all course certificates for verification purposes, however the system will retain a record of your training.

Visit the DOF Group E-Learning Center HERE