From sea to land

From sea to land

Kristian has worked at DOF for almost 20 years. Although DOF has its roots in Austevoll, a small island outside of Bergen, the company's influence and opportunities extend far beyond Norway's borders. As a global player, DOF allows employees from all corners of the world to apply and work in the company, regardless of their geographical origin. For Kristian however, the start of his journey with DOF was associated with the local roots of DOF.

"My career in DOF has been progressive. I started as an apprentice, completed my technical education, and over time, I climbed the ranks. In 2019, I transitioned to working onshore," Kristian says.

Nearly 20 years later, he remains very satisfied with his choice. He views DOF as a stable and supportive player in his career.

"DOF has always shown me trust and provided opportunities to advance in the company, from my time as an apprentice to the role of chief engineer. Now, in the position of Vessel Superintendent onshore, I focus more on administration, logistics, and coordination, serving as a link, as opposed to earlier when I worked directly with machinery on board the vessels".

Kristian believes in the importance of facilitating effective collaboration every day among people with diverse cultures.

"DOF offers an incredible range of opportunities. You can always find a niche, whether it's locally in the North Sea or in more distant regions".

Climbing the ranks from apprentice to Vessel Superintendent

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