Great work environment onboard the vessels

Great work environment onboard the vessels

What is it like to be an ROV-pilot on an offshore vessel? Kristoffer’s journey started as an apprentice in DOF and he now works as an ROV-pilot.

An ROV – pilot operates a remote operated underwater vehicle that is used for various underwater operations. It can be used for anything from mapping the seabed, installing various modules or performing inspection or maintenance of what is already down below on the seabed. The ROV is on deck when it is not down below. The job is then to do the repairs, maintenance and configuration on it using various tools. 

Kristoffer believes that this profession is well suited for anyone who likes travelling around the world, who enjoys working in a team and has technical experience. ROV pilots works on a rotation and in DOF we have different and varied rotations.

"Through my job, I have been able to see most of the world. I have travelled to many places along the coast of Norway,  UK, Denmark, different places in the Mediterranean Sea, West-Africa and Australia."

Kristoffer says that in many ways, being an ROV-pilot is a lifestyle. You are away for extended periods of time, but you also have long periods of free time. When you are working, you are completely focused and switched on and when you are at home you can enjoy the time off.

“I have chosen to remain with DOF mainly because of the people I work with. I have great colleagues and there is a great atmosphere onboard the vessels. We enjoy working together”.

What is it like to be an ROV-pilot on an offshore vessel?

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