Opportunities to grow

Opportunities to grow

Pierre Kuma, an experienced Project Engineer, speaks about the many opportunities in DOF.

Pierre has been a part of DOF since 2018, and in 2022, he was selected to participate in the company's "Ambassador Programme." This 12-month program is designed to identify and develop talent and leadership from within the organisation. While ambassadors are typically selected to represent an organisation, DOF takes it to the next level. The program is aimed at providing employees with a structured professional development opportunity to advance their careers. It is a unique chance for individuals to expand their skillset, knowledge, and collaboration abilities across various functions and regions within DOF.

One of the great things about working in DOF is that it’s given me an opportunity to grow and try different things. There are a lot of interesting places one can go. There is also a lot of flexibility in DOF which makes you more adaptable. But the biggest thing I like about DOF is that there is an atmosphere to make it OK to ask for help.

DOF has given me an opportunity to grow and try different things.

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