Playing a part in a changing industry

Playing a part in a changing industry

Meet Sara, a Commercial Specialist from a little island just outside Bergen.

Sara kicked-off her career as a maritime trainee in DOF, having completed her Master’s degree in industrial economics and technology management from NTNU.

“There was a degree of skepticism surrounding the offshore industry when I first started studying maritime technology, due to a recent oil and gas downturn. However, now there are so many new and innovative developments taking place in the offshore sector, I am excited to be a part of it!”

The ocean is where it’s happening.

Growing up on a little island just outside Bergen, on the coast of Norway called Turøy, Sara has always had an interest in the ocean. Becoming a maritime trainee, Sara’s confidence in learning more about the offshore industry proved well founded.

Sara’s first assignment was with DOF’s Vessel Chartering team.  Her second was project engineer in the subsea and renewables team. The timing was perfect, as DOF was involved in the installation of the world’s largest floating offshore wind farm, Equinor’s Hywind Tampen.

“Being part of the transition to renewable energy is great fun – we are making the vessels greener and delivering renewable survey and construction projects. I get to experience many different aspects of the job and meet people with diverse backgrounds.   Also, having the opportunity to not only partake in various tasks, but also to shape projects is truly rewarding".
Sara was officially crowned Godmother to one of the turbines on the Hywind Tampen field.

From Graduate to Godmother .

After the last turbine on Equinor’s Hywind Tampen project was assembled and installed, Sara was officially crowned Godmother to one of the turbines. A proud moment Sara says she will never forget. And dare we say, a proud moment for DOF, as our team help build a greener future.

On completing the 18-month-long maritime trainee program, Sara was happy to accept a permanent position with DOF as a Commercial Specialist.

Convinced this is a career with a fantastic future, Sara says:

“I’m happy to have found a job where I get to be part of the transition to renewable energy. DOF’s track record and extensive experience from the conventional energy sector is a huge advantage in the floating offshore wind market as we use the same vessels, experience, and general “know-how”, just in a different market”.

From student to Commercial Specialist.

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